Sentry E. Labs Electric Drop Bolt for Double Swinging Doors (EB-400)


The Sentry E. Labs electric drop bolt (EB-400) is designed for surface mount application. This lock's casing is made of stainless steel plates. It is an entry/exit door hardware piece for a commercial panic and emergency exit doors.

Solid bolt for superior strength
Greater security is provided by the 16mm diameter (16mm bolt throw) solid stainless steel bolt with hardened magnet core, which has resistant to metal cutting saws. The bolt also rotates freely, making attempts to tamper or cut extremely difficult.

Smart Circuitry
Sentry E. Labs Electric Drop Bolt for Double Swinging Doors provides vandal resistant circuitry meaning the door close sensor can't be fooled into projecting the electric drop bolt unless the door is actually closed. The sensor automatically disconnects after the bolt is projected to enhance the security of the lock.

Auto-detective circuitry
The unique intelligent logic circuit in Sentry E. Labs electric drop bolt keeps the bolt retracted whilst the door is unlocked until the door is properly closed. This feature ensures the bolt will not extend if the door is improperly aligned.

Double Acting Doors
The electric drop bolt is specially designed for use on double swinging doors. They can also be installed on both out and in-swinging doors.

Horizontal or vertical installation
This Sentry E. Labs electric drop bolt can be installed either horizontally at the top or bottom of the door frame or vertically on the side of the door frame.

Clamp Design
When the bolt is extended to keep the door locked, it draws only 0.3A in a holding mode down from 0.9A while the bolt is retracted. This design both protects the power supply and extends the life of the electric drop bolt.

Adjustable Sensor
The door close sensor can work up to a range of 5mm. If there is a wide door gap, a sensor magnet within the strike plate of the door can be adjusted to improve sensor accuracy.

Auto Relocking Timer Setting
Use jumpers to adjust the time: 0, 3, 6 or 9 seconds for door locking time delay. This is the time, which takes the drop bolt to automatically lock after the door is closed.


  • Fail-Safe Version (Power to Lock)
  • Power Input: 12 V DC
  • Voltage Tolerance: 10%
  • Pull in: 0.9A, Holding: 0.3A@12V DC at temperature 20°
  • Magnetic bolt status output (SPDT rated 3A@30VDC)
  • indicates bolt locked or unlocked status.
  • Operating Temperature: -10~+45
  • Humidity: 0~95% non-condensing.
  • Lock's surface Temperature (when the power is on): Tested to 500000 cycles.
  • Built-in logical circuitry
  • Auto-relocking Time Delay : 0, 3 ,6 or 9 seconds
  • Full stainless steel housing

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QB ID: EB-400