Sentry Safety 510-A Vertical Rod Two Point Commercial Exit Device Panic Bar with Alarm


This model is universal and can be used left or right handed.

The Sentry Safety 510-A is surface mount, so the panic bar is placed on the rear face of the door. The strike goes on the door frame behind the door, not on the inside of the frame where you may have previously had a handle. On the door if you previously had a handle that will need to be removed. Caps are available for the hole left behind after the handle is removed. Door jamb brackets are also available to cover where the old handle latched to the frame. Mounting bolts are provided however depending on the material the door is made of you may switch to the same diameter in wood screws, self tapping metal screws, or for added strength - sex bolts (sex bolts have a female side on the outside of the door and a male side on the inside of the door and then they join in the middle of the door, Because both faces of the door are used for securing the bar it makes for a very strong hold.)

 Where to use this panic exit bar:

  • Glass doors with a stile (metal frame) of at least 1 1/2" or 4" if using outside access such as cylinder lock or handle.
  • Steel, wood, and composite solid face doors.
  • Doors with a minimum with of 30".
  • Doors do not have a maximum width however the total length of the bar is 40".
  • Doors that require an alarm.
  • (If purchasing outside handle) Doors with a maximum thickness of 2".
  • Any door usage frequency.
  • Single doors, dual doors with mullions, Dual doors without mullions when paired with a 510A Series Panic Exit Bar.

 Where not to use this panic exit bar:

  • Not UL rated, not to be used on a door that requires UL certification for inspection. Please contact us for solutions if both an alarm and    UL bar is needed.
  • Not fire rated, not to be used on a fire break. Please contact us for solutions if both an alarm and a fire-rated bar is needed.
  • Cannot release a magnetic door lock, if the door is held locked by a magnetic lock do not use this panic bar. Click here for a micro switch panic bar. An alarm would have to be added to the micro-switch system to have an alarm feature.

Features and Inclusions:

  • Rim type, simple surface mounting
  • Includes steel strike for the door frame
  • Can be used right or left-handed
  • Includes key cylinder for outside access

Photos & Specifications

Close Up BarBarAlarmCapClamps

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Trimming the panic bar to size:

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