Sentry Safety 703 Commercial Door Closer CS, LS, #3


Product Description

  • Commercial and residential use
  • Two separate valves with adjustable closing and latching speed
  • Non-handed: suitable for both right hand and left hand doors
  • Designed for all standard installations
  • Factory tested to meet or exceed ANSI Standard 156.4
  • Power Range can be selected from 1 to 5
  • Dual Valve, Closing and Latching Speed controlled by two separate regulating valves
  • Bi-packed for regular and top jamb installation.
  • Heavy Duty Rack and Pinion
  • Material: High Strength Cast Aluminum Body
  • UL Listed for fire doors
  • Available in bronze, silver, and gold (choose your finish color above)


  • Length of Closer Body: 8 3/4" (223 mm)
  • Horizontal Mounting Holes: 8 3/16" (206 mm)
  • Vertical Mounting Holes: 3/4" (19 mm)
  • Height of Closer Body: 1 3/4" (44.5 mm)
  • Projection From Door: 2 7/8" (72 mm)
  • Suitable for Door Weight: 99 to 143 lbs. (45 - 65 kg)

Sentry Safety Hardware is the premiere brand for panic crash bars, door closers and electronic entrance accessories. Our wide selection of tested and certified panic crash bars have been installed in hundreds of businesses across the U.S. and world. Certification helps business owners obtain a positive fire inspection report but equally as important: these certificates also convey the vigorous testing each of our models have been put through. Additionally, Sentry E. Labs accessories: exit buttons, strikes and locks are fully compatible with Sentry panic crash bars and door closers. When installing an exit system using our product line, you can take comfort in knowing that SentrySafetyHardware and Sentry Electronics Labs products will uphold the quality safety standards set forth by our founders.

Bi-Packed Options

Door Closer Glossary Terms:

Latch Speed
Controls (often reduces) the closing speed of the final 10 to 15 degrees of the door. It should help the door close completely and effectively without slamming shut.

Rack and Pinion
A pair of gears contained inside the door closer which enables consistent and smooth control throughout the closing cycle.

Unit can be used on a left handed or right handed door. It implies a universal application.

Unit comes with proper brackets and installation hardware and can include two potential applications methods.

ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute and BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association). BHMA is the only U.S. accredited to determine criteria for the performance and safety of certain building products. They are assigned number/grading standards based on level of performance and durability.

UL Listed for Fire Doors
The UL Listing Service is the most widely recognized safety certification programs. The 703 door closer is meant for interior fire grade doors. In the event of a fire, the door closer will not melt and fall off thus working to contain fire. Often fire rated, interior doors are found in hospitals and school.

QB ID: 703-SI