Sentry E. Labs Dual Door Electromagnetic Lock


This Sentry Electronics Labs Dual Door Electromagnetic Lock is designed for reliability, versatility, and security. To begin with, the manufacturer meets or exceeds ISO 9001 regulations, which require testing on 100% of all products being produced in a single factory. In addition to ensuring safety and security properties, ISO 9001 testing ensures the highest quality product. It has a holding force of 600 lbs (per door for a dual door setup), so it is unlikely that the lock will be forcibly compromised; the strength of the magnetic force is improved with a zinc finish. Similarly, this unit is equipped with LED status lights to indicate when the door is locked (red) and unlocked (green) so property owners are aware of the operating status of the lock. In the case of a power outage, the push-off button in the armature plate will activate so that no residual force will hold the lock; without power, there is no way to manually release the lock, the push-off button ensures that no occupants are trapped inside during a power outage. Additionally, this product is functionally tested from 14 F to 131 F and at a humidity of 0%-95%, which allows it to operate in a wide range of environments. It is important to note that this model is designed for indoor use only, and there are brackets available for mounting to thin door frames or inward swinging doors. Because the resilience of this lock is so reliable, property owners can be assured of the security it provides, and the manufacturer is so sure of its durability that it offers a 5-year warranty.

QB ID: 10005