Sentry E. Labs Fail-Secure (power to unlock) Electric Drop Bolt (EB-260)


Sentry E. Labs Fail-Secure (power to unlock) Electric Drop bolt incorporates a mechanical cylinder to lock or unlock the door manually in case of an unexpected power failure. It is an entry/exit door hardware piece for a commercial panic and emergency exit doors.

The Sentry Electronics Labs Magnetic Drop Bolt Handle is the ultimate in security for outdoor entryways. To begin with, the basic design of this model assures security – the bolt is a solid 13.5 mm in diameter, and the magnetic core prevents tampering with a metal-cutting saw. It has 12/24VDC dual input power with self-regulation, meaning that it automatically switches from .9A (pull) when the door is open to .3A (holding) when the door is closed. This protects the energy supply and extends the life of the handle.

It has a door leaf flush installation and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Part of security is reliability, and this model is tested up to 500,000 uses. Additionally, there is a power safety to ensure that the handle remains locked in the case of a power outage. Similarly, the handle is approved for weather conditions from -10 C (-50 C) to 45 F (113 F) and from 0% to 95% humidity. As well as providing the utmost security, it has a convenient timing feature. The user can set the door to lock at 3, 8, 15, and 25 seconds after closing.

SentrySafetyHardware is the premier brand for panic crash bars, door closers, and electronic entrance accessories. Our wide selection of tested and certified panic crash bars have been installed in hundreds of businesses across the U.S. and the world. Certification helps business owners obtain a positive fire inspection report but equally as important: these certificates also convey the rigorous testing each of our models has been put through. Additionally, Sentry E. Labs accessories: exit buttons, strikes, and locks are fully compatible with Sentry panic crash bars and door closers. When installing an exit system using our product line, you can take comfort in knowing that SentrySafetyHardware and Sentry Electronics Labs products will uphold the quality safety standards set forth by our founders.

QB ID: EB-260