4200FR Series Panic Crash Bar Dual Door Application by Sentry Safety - P (Painted)


This is a 3 hour fire rated, stainless steel, dual door, push type panic exit crash bar with vertical rods.

The 4200FR Series panic exit bar by Sentry Safety meets high quality and listed safety standards and is durable and reliable. The 4000FR Series meets the UL listed safety standards, which means that samples of the complete product have been tested against nationally recognized safety standards and are free from certain risks of fire, electric shock, and other similar hazards. The UL Listing Service is the most widely recognized of these safety certification programs. As a result, users can be sure that this safety device has met accepted and consistently tested safety standards, and will hold up in some situations. The safety of this model does not end there, though; this series meets a 3 hour fire resistance test to assure its performance in a variety of situations. Similarly, the 4200FR Series by Sentry Safety meets the ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 Panic Exit Hardware high-quality standards. This means that this model meets precisely defined criteria concerning performance characteristics, physical properties, test values, safety criteria, etc. Product grades are defined according to performance in each ANSI/BHMA standard, with Grade 1 being the highest grade. So, not only does this series meet high safety standards, but it also meets high-quality standards, ensuring that the device will function properly time after time.

The 4200FR Series by Sentry Safety gives the consumer choices in appearance and functionality as well. It is available with a painted (4200FR-P) or stainless steel (4200FR-S) finish. The model also comes equipped with dogging (fire-rated device does not come equip with dogging), which can be set to keep the panic bar unlocked by fastening the crossbar in the depressed position and keeping the bolts in a retracted position. This means that the door can be opened from either side and eliminating the necessity of engaging the internal mechanisms for every use reduces the strain on the device's springs and mechanisms. Therefore, the 4000FR Series by Sentry Safety is perfect for medium to high usage areas. Additionally, this model is designed for use in a dual door setup, allowing the customer to turn dual door exits to become efficient emergency exits.

Factory product code used in UL testing:
[X=P(painted) or S(Stainless)]

*Dogging - a feature that locks the bar in a depressed position so that the door can be opened from either side and eliminates the necessity of engaging the internal mechanisms. Allen Key dogging is engaged with an Allen wrench, while knob dogging is engaged by a knob built into the bar.
*Semi-length - the push/press part of the bar only extends for part of the full length of the bar.
*Full-length - the push/press part of the bar is the full length of the bar.
*ANSI/BHMA Grade Standards - the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to determine criteria for the performance and safety of certain products, such as panic exit devices.
*Mag Lock - an electromagnetic locking device.
*Strike - the component of the panic bar that goes on the door jamb; the locking mechanism engages this part to shut the door.
*Single Door Application - the bar is designed for a single door set up; however, most bars are compatible with the appropriate dual door model so that one door will have a panic exit bar with vertical rods, and the other will be a panic exit bar for single door applications.

QB ID: 4200FR-P