Sentry Safety Door Closer 9036


The 9036 Sentry Safety Commercial Door Closer is a reliable and safe accessory for any door. The heavy-duty rack and pinion operation provides high-quality performance every time, and the high endurance rating assures the consumer of 1 million cycles of seamless operation. Furthermore, this unit meets the ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 high-quality standards. This means that this model meets precisely defined criteria concerning performance characteristics, physical properties, test values, safety criteria, etc. Product grades are defined according to performance in each ANSI/BHMA standard, so not only does this series meet high safety standards, but it also meets high-quality standards, ensuring that the device will function properly time after time.

In addition, the 9036 Sentry Safety Commercial Door Closer comes with and provides the consumer with several options. To begin with, the dual valves allow the customer to adjust the close and latch speed separately. Similarly, this model comes with a standard adjustable back check application (to prevent damage to the door should it be opened with excessive force), and there is the adjustable delay action function (for entries used by the elderly or disabled); the dual valves allow the user to adjust the door to close with the function engaged or not. Likewise, the closer is capable of installation on a number of doors with a range of weights from 90 to 300 lbs., and installation is universal; the closer can be installed standard, top jamb, or parallel arm. The versatility, reliability, and safety of this device make it perfect for use in office buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial buildings, as well as in residential settings.

QB ID: 9036 BC DA