Sentry Safety Door Closer 502


The Sentry Safety 502 Door Closer is a reliable and safe accessory for any door. The high-quality hydraulic fluid has a low freezing point, ensuring smooth operation from -65.5 C (-86 F) to 40 C (104 F). Similarly, the hydraulic fluid ensures constant lubrication for consistently superior functioning. In addition, the high endurance rating assures the consumer of 1 million cycles of seamless operation. Most important, however, is the UL listing for this door closer, which means that samples of the complete product have been tested against nationally recognized safety standards and are free from a certain risk of fire, electric shock, and other similar hazards. The UL Listing Service is the most widely recognized of these safety certification programs. As a result, users can be sure that this device has met accepted and consistently tested safety standards, and will hold up in a number of situations.

In addition, the Sentry Safety 502 Door Closer comes with and provides the consumer with several options. To begin with, the dual valves allow the customer to adjust the close and latch speed separately, while the reinforced tube arm is adjustable for varying lengths. Likewise, the closer is capable of installation on a number of doors with a range of weights from 50 to 120 lbs., and installation options are universal; the closer can be installed in standard, top jamb, and parallel arm applications.

Factory product code used in UL testing:

QB ID: 502